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mercredi 17 février 2010

Two smartphones + Paypal + QR Code = PortaPayments !

PortaPayments allows you to generate a bar code which can be scanned by a mobile 'phone application in order to make the payment. The application allows you to create and scan PortaPayments codes and a payment can be made between two people in five simple steps;

1) The payment recipitent generates a payment code. (You can do this either using the application or using the code generator on the right of this page)
2) The payment sender scans the payment code. (You must do this using the application)
3) The sender is taken to the PayPal site where they enter their password.
4) The sender confirms payment.
5) The recipient gets the money.


Download the (free) application :

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  1. euh...
    y'a plus simple, non ?

  2. If you'd like to support PortaPayments please vote for us in the PayPal X Developer challenge by following the instructions at