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jeudi 28 août 2008

Upcode launches with Visa card 2D barcode

Kokkolan Halpa-Halli Oy is a privately owned chain of stores in Finland. The company was formed in 1969 and has 34 stores in 33 locations. UpCode has started with the Halpa Halli credit cards being the first of its kind that gives you mobile loyalty via your internet enabled mobile phone utilizing the UpCode Reader and the UpCode on the Visa card.

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lundi 11 août 2008

White Paper on Mobile Codes - Open Mobile Alliance

Scope : This white paper aims to stimulate a global market in which barcodes act as enablers for camera-equipped handsets to access content and services. Some technologies already exist; for example, in Japan, 2D barcode scanning is in widespread use.

However there is fragmentation in the worldwide market currently, due to the variety of approaches to the questions of which barcode symbologies should be supported, what format of data they should contain, and how reader software should behave when barcodes are read. The Open Mobile Alliance aims to halt fragmentation by providing guidelines on existing standards as well as creating specifications to address interoperability needs as they arise. Once enough mobile code readers that follow those guidelines are deployed on consumer handsets, marketing organisations and publishers will be able to include mobile codes as links to online content and services with confidence, in advertising and promotional campaigns, and in printed and displayed media of many kinds.

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vendredi 8 août 2008

Une clôture QR Codée à Houston & Broadway, NYC

The Houston Fence, located on the corner of Broadway and Houston, is an temporary outdoor installation inspired by QR-code patterns. These bar codes, when scanned with a mobile phone, allow pedestrians to seamlessly connect to online content such as web sites, blogs and others.

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