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lundi 15 février 2010

#QR News (business week, Metaio, Neustar, Nexence, Scanbuy, Microsoft Tag, Augmented Reality, QR poll, Android & Iphone)

  • Neustar (US) has announced the launch of its Mobile Barcode Clearing house Service, Gomocode.
  • Nexence & Lynkware (Fr) has announced their software collaboration focused on mobile content and publishing
  • Motorola's VC said it invested in Scanbuy (US)
  • Digital Scarborough 2010 QR Codes (UK) via
  • Microsoft Surface & Microsoft Tag ? See this video :

  • A poll about QR Code on Androïd (Fr.) : TwtPoll
  • Twitter QR Code in...Japan of course.

  • And two easy ways to use QR Code on Androïd & iPhone 

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